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Children's Opportunity Group Scholarship Funds

Endowments at Broward College

Children's Opportunity Group/Joan Byal Memorial Endowed Scholarship
(Established 1989 - still open for contributions)

Joan Byal was COG President in 1987-88. She was working to set up a scholarship for foster children. Joan agreed to continue her presidency in 1988-89, but shortly after the COG year began, she passed away suddenly. Memorial donations were received in Joan's memory and added to the scholarship. COG voted to name the scholarship in honor of Joan. Working with Broward College, we managed the scholarship ourselves, choosing recipients who had been in foster care or state guardianship. Other funds were added through other memorial donations. When matching funds became available from the Florida state lottery, we turned over the administration of the Joan Byal Scholarship to Broward College to obtain the matching grant endowment. Several years later, the scholarship was expanded to include any qualified recipients, with a preference for foster children.

Approximately $1500 in interest is earned annually from this Endowment and a scholarship is awarded to one student. The application and selection process of eligible student candidates is managed by Broward College's Financial Aid Department. Each year COG is pleased to welcome the COG/Joan Byal Memorial Scholarship recipient at a COG meeting to share the impact of our long range planning and commitment for continuing education.

Children's Opportunity Group Endowed Teaching Chair
(established 1991 -Fully funded 1995)

Broward College was the first community college in the nation to begin an Endowed Teaching Chair program. COG was the first non-profit organization in Broward County to fund a Chair. The COG Chair was the 5th of the College's 33 Chairs and to date is the only women's suport group to have an Endowed Teaching Chair. COG contributed $50,000 over 5 years, matching with $33,000 from Florida lottery funds, totals $83,000.


COG Teaching Chair recipients are granted $22,500 over three years, which includes a $15,000 professional stipend and $7,500 for professional development. 

Learn more about The Children's Opportunity Group community and children's charities support.

Children's Opportunity Group/Bobby Hodges Scholarship Fund
(established 2004 - still open for contributions)

The Bobby Hodges Scholarship Fund was created in 2004 by Chris and Chip Hodges in memory of their son, Bobby. This scholarship is funded by donations received from family, friends, COG, and the community. In 2008, this scholarship was placed with the Broward College Foundation in order to receive Florida State matching funds, which nearly doubled the value of existing funds. In 2008, COG gave Broward College over $41,000 for this scholarship. To date, four full-time students are currently receiving this scholarship.

Recipients of the Bobby Hodges Scholarship Fund must demonstrate financial need, have a 2.0 GPA, be a US citizen and a Florida resident. Most importantly, the scholarship recipient must be drug free. The Scholarship Board of Fort Lauderdale High School selects the best-qualified student in need each year. The selected students receive a full four-year scholarship plus books.

"In Loving Memory of Joan and Bobby"

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